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TBIM: Thank Belichick It’s Monday!

Welcome to TBIM – Thank Belichick it’s Monday.

So last night was the Superbowl. And of course, the Giants beat the Patriots. Again.

As a Patriots fan, I’m obviously extremely disappointed. But I’m thanking Bill Belichick this week for what happened at the end of the game.

The Superbowl, like so many games, came down to an extremely close finish. With under 2 minutes left to play, it was left to one team to basically kill time, before relying on the game-winning field goal.

Yet Belichick wasn’t about to take that.

He could have. He could have sat back, and let everything come down to the Giants kicker, and whether or not he was able to score the field goal or not. Instead, he took an incredible but calculated risk.

He allowed the Giants to score. To take the lead. So that the Patriots could get the ball back, with just one minute remaining, in the hands of Tom Brady, the current best quarterback in the NFL.

It was an incredible risk, and the rewards could have been amazing. Not just winning the Superbowl, but the man would go down in history, as would that ending to the Superbowl. It would be replayed time and time again. The irony too – the Superbowl starting with a safety, and then ending with a set of decisions that were anything BUT safe.

It was the perfect story, and the perfect ending. It didn’t happen, but the risk Belichick took takes great balls. He didn’t sit around hoping others would fail. He wanted to be in charge of his own destiny, and he had such belief in himself and his players that he took the huge risk, to go on the offense and win on their own accord.

It’s hard not to be motivated after something like that.

Great Article:

As I’ve said many times before – when you surf around the internet, always think about what you’re looking at, how it is laid out, and what really sticks out for you.

This morning I read about 50 post-Superbowl articles, and Dan Wetzels article at Yahoo was one that really stood out for me.

First of all – the writing. It’s fantastic(although I felt it lost a bit of steam near the end). The structure of the article was enthralling, and he wrote in a way that you could visualize everything, yet he didn’t bog it down in details.

Then a few links within the article to other content on the site. Relevant links that you’d want to read – not just linking for the sake of linking. I appreciated the easy links to the Patriots reaction slideshow, and the Wes Welker story. Ads for related merchandise – NY Giants Superbowl Championship Gear.

Finally, the ending of the article. Just a great, somber end. Something that makes me want to share the article with everyone I know. (And based on checking Facebook/Twitter etc, a lot of people shared this article).

How many of you out there have a social networking “share” plugin on your website? How many of you encourage your visitors to share your articles with others?

But how many of you actually have articles worth sharing?

Video of the Week:

I’m keeping this article relatively short this week(900 words rather than the usual rambling 1600 words!) because man, I ate a lot of food last night haha. I’m basically a vegetarian and eat very healthy – my own vegetarian chili recipe is consumed for lunch and dinner at least 20 days a month. I still eat meat occassionally, but I was a vegetarian years and years ago “for realsies”, and really appreciated the diet.

I didn’t want to get too drunk last night, which was tough because the goal of the people I was watching the Superbowl with is always to wake up the next day, and see who can remember the least from the previous night.

So I ended up loading up on food. Before I went, I had a Clubhouse Sandwich, Fries & Gravy. Then I headed to my buddies where I ate a poutine, 8 pieces of garlic bread, 4 slices of pizza and about 30 chicken wings.

Oh boy, do I feel bad today. “Bloated” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m on a strict All Bran diet today, as I battle with my arteries, which I can feel clogging up as I type!

So with that, let’s get on with the video of the week. There’s nothing I like more than motivational sports videos. I was going to post a great highlights video on Youtube of the Tom Brady Snow Bowl game, because man Brady never fails to give me goosebumps in that game. Unfortunately it was removed from Youtube.

However going through my list of “Awesome Sports Videos” I found myself going crazy all over again for this Division II Basketball Championship game. Winona State had a 50+ win streak going into this game. Barton were down 7. And enjoy…

If 3:35 of Basketball is too much for you(I know how attention spans can be) skip to 2:56 and enjoy the goosebumps.

Next week I’ll talk about a Superbowl related keyword that got me over 1000 unique visitors in the week leading up to the Superbowl, and how I only managed to convert about 20 of those people to a sportsbook. It was a major failure on my part. Yet I’m not going to shake my head and then forget about it. I’m going to analyze everything that I did wrong, and how I can make it go right next time.

Because that’s the road to success. Learning from your failures and mistakes.

I just hope next year, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots take that to heart.

Have a great week everyone.

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