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Flytonic Themes Contest Winner & Coupon Codes

Thanks to everyone that participate in the contest to win the Flytonic Frameworks & MMA Theme, with a $175 value.

From lowest score to highest score and just a note – you needed to get the winner correctly, to qualify for “Finish” and “Round” points:

ak: 4
xYassassinYx: 6
Will: 7
pokerworx: 7
KevinMcC: 9
Pking: 11
Haynesey: 14

Fun Facts: Everyone picked Cane to win(and lost). Everyone picked Silva TKO/KO.

Congrats to Haynesey on winning the contest! I’ll get in touch with Flytonic Themes and they’ll get in touch with you soon I expect. Any issues, holla at me.

If you’re looking for a powerful backend to make gambling affiliation a lot easy, be sure to check out Flytonic Themes.

Flytonic Coupon Codes:

PAB5: $5 off $40 MMA Child Theme.
PAB20: $20 off any flytonic framework theme.

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