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TGIM: Take Some Time Off!

Welcome to yet another TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday!

I can’t believe this is going to be the FIFTH TGIM – where the hell does the time go?

Unfortunately, I was unable to hit Affiliate Bible with the planned Article Bomb this week. Honestly, the writing and effort I put into 10 Marketing Alternatives to Banner Ads sucked the life out of me.

When it comes to Affiliate Bible, I always let creativity dictate what I do, and this was no exception. I was out with the kids when I got the e-mail with Nicks suggestion to write the article. BTW Nick – hope to see a lot of those suggestions soon at Intense Gambling!

Immediately upon seeing the e-mail my brain went into overload, and I knew as soon as I got home I was writing that article. I spent a good couple of hours on it, and it was fun to do. It even gave me some ideas – I’m going to have to split-test that testimonial CTA because it really stood out to me as something different, that might just work.

Fantasy Football

Had my draft in the main league I am in, on Thursday. Oh god I screwed up bad – after numerous meetings with my brother in law where we debated over who to pick – we completely missed the fact that it was a goddamn auction draft. I realized it literally 5 minutes before the draft, so all our plans went out the window.

I don’t think I did TOO bad though:

I would’ve prepared Brady over Rivers(and they went for the same amount), but Rivers came up before Brady and I was getting worried about spending too much for Brady. A lot of my points will be relying on the Lions this season!

It’s going to be an easy week for me this week work wise – nice and simple. The design and coding is almost done for the new Casino Answers, but there’s a TON of work on my end to do. I’ll be splitting the work with one of my employees, but it’s still going to be a fair amount of work and will begin most likely next week.

I’m probably going to spend Monday-Wednesday writing content and building links for my new websites so I don’t have to worry about them for the next couple of weeks. I could outsource that, but when I first build a website I like to focus on the initial writing myself until I fulfill my vision for the site.

This is also the last weekend before my kids go back to school, so I’ll be taking Thursday->Monday off to spend time with them.

Hence the title of this weeks TGIM…

Take Some Time Off

When I say take time off, I don’t just mean take the rest of the day off and go play XBox or something.

Plan a period of days that you are going to take off. Minimum 4 days up to a maximum of a week.

What will you do with that time? Who cares. Go on a trip, watch TV, do stuff around the house, read books, spend time cooking and learning new recipes(ie: blue waffles) – whatever, just anything except work.

The important thing is not what you do – it’s the fact that you’re taking time off.

Scheduled some time to take off? Great. Now what you do before that time off, is make up a to do list of EVERYTHING you need to accomplish before you take that time off. Basically look at the time you have before you’re on “vacation”, and figure out what work you want to do.

It’s a little brain trick – when you have an “end” date or a “due date” it’s typical that you will rush through everything right at the end. By having a “due date” where you have to do all this work – your whole attitude will change, and you’ll be more apt to work like a maniac to get it done in time, so you can enjoy the time off without thinking about it.

And that’s your motivational tip of the week!

Link of the Week

I saw this posted by Roger on PAL and wanted to link it here to give it additional exposure:

Link Building with the Experts

Fantastic read. Make another cup of tea before you start to read it though!

Bonus Link: David Thorne is the man.

Video of the Week

(In case the video is taken down, it’s the highlights of Man U 8-2 Arsenal)

God, that was fantastic. It’s not even because I hate Arsenal(although I do) as it is me just LOVING a club in crisis. I hope they get relegated if only because it’ll be great going them in Football Manager 2013!

I’m off to sit outside in the hammock, pull up my Netbook and just write content for the next few days. Have a great week, and don’t forget to take some time off!

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  • I hate Arsenal too! Man I’m so happy to see that result – I want them to continue to get hammered all season.

    I recommend for those that are in a position to do so… live abroad. Rather than working our version of the rat race… rolling out of bed onto the computer.

    If you are in a foreign country, you bet your arse you are going to work as hard as possible so you can go out and enjoy the new culture and surroundings. If you are just at home all day every day, what do you have to look forward to? That holiday in 8 months time?

    It’s all about using what we do for a living to our advantage. I love to travel, and to be able to work wherever I want in the world. What’s the point of just sitting at home and not using our business to open opportunties like this up?

    I’ve managed to visit the US and Canada for a couple of months last year and had a blast. When traveling you get a big sense of “ahhh this is why i work online.”

    Some will know that I lived in Thailand for a bit…. and in the next couple of months I’m moving to the Philippines.

    I can’t recommend enough the benefits of this business. Whether it be extra time with family, friends,travel… or anything.

    Just make sure you do whatever you want to – and don’t get sucked into the life of 100 hour weeks and never leaving the house. Sure, get your work done and make lots of money – but there has to be an underlying reason why you are intent on continuing with this line of work.

  • Anonymous

    I hate London with a passion, and I hate all the London clubs by association. Plus I’ve just never liked Arsenal at all. I think my hatred began with the likes of Tony Adams etc.

    I agree whole-heartedly – if people have the option, they need to take advantage of the job that we are in. I know if I didn’t have the wife & kids I’d be flying around the world everywhere, working out of my laptop.

    I don’t know if I’d recommend what you did in terms of going around US & Canada and visiting a new place every couple of days – when you do that it can be hard to work, and the majority wouldn’t.

    But what you are doing in regard to Thailand etc is what I’d recommend, and it’s what my friend John(formerly of Rockbet) does – travels around the world, lives in a new country every few months.