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Website Statistic/Analytic Software

It’s absolutely vital that you keep up to date on your website stats.  You don’t want to know just how many hits you are getting per day, you want to know what your visitors are doing, where they are coming from and what keywords they are using so that you can optimize your website for them.

For example, in this Rockbet Casino Review, I started getting hits for “Rockbet Casino Scam”.  So I created a section focusing on the keyphrase “Rockbet Casino Scam” and I started getting even more hits!

You don’t have to pay for stat programs.  All of the below are free and I recommend testing them all out until you decide you are happy with one:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the stat program of choice at the moment, and there’s just too much to this to even begin to review it.  The main feature of Analytics is that for new users it is very, very simple to use, however it is also a powerful tool and offers some incredible features for advanced users.

Woopra: Woopra offers live web tracking and real time analytics which are the main features of it.  You’re able to get a good and general idea of what your visitors are doing.  It’s also a very advanced statistic program and is right up there with Analytics in terms of options and tracking.

I would also like to mention Clicktale.  Clicktale is really sick, and you can use it for free(although there are payment plans you can use to get a lot more out of it).

With Clicktale you basically can sit there and watch actual videos of your users.  You see how they came in to your website(from what page or search engine phrase), and you can sit and watch them as they read through your website, browsing from page to page.

“Invaluable” is an understatement when it comes to Clicktale.  You’re able to see the most valuable real estate per page, or the last part of the website visitors view before closing.  Get the free trial today and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

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