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What to do about Neteller

Sorry about the lack of updates; things have been busy around the Dealer Dan household. Affiliate work aside, we’re also expecting a new baby, so getting prepared for that is a bit of work!

However over the last few days, some problems have occured in the online gambing world. The founders of Neteller were arrested earlier in the week, and on Wednesday Neteller made the decision to not allow any more US residents to process any transactions to any online gambling sites.

Is this bad? Yes. Is this going to hurt your revenue? In the short term at least, yes. Is this the end of online gambling? Oh hell no! I know it’s easy to sit around and cry into your cornflakes about how bad this is, but instead you have to be both reactive and proactive. And here is what you have to do:

One word: Education. Many of you won’t remember the days when Paypal was the main processor for gambling sites, or more recently Credit Cards. Both of those have gone, and now so has Neteller. There are still many players wanting to play poker, and the main thing you do now is [b]help them[/b] by educating them of the different methods.

Over the next couple of months, a new financial institution will take over as the main site for peoples gambling needs. I don’t know what one, however you have to present your users with as many options as possible for now. Look at the sites you promote, find out exactly HOW people can deposit into them, then push that. Ask the sites “What is your preferred deposit method?”, ask your affiliate managers. Find out what to push. See if you can get extra incentives for pushing them heavily, for the users. For example offers an extra 5% bonus on all deposits that use Click2Pay. This is stuff you must promote!

If you have any questions, be sure to e-mail me and I’ll help out as much as I can.

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