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Dealer Dan, pictured here with WWE Superstar Mick Foley, has been in internet marketing since 1996. He likes hugs, long walks on the beach, and making money while wearing his jammy jams. For more information, you can read all about Dealer Dan. » Dealer Dans Blog » This week at Poker Affiliate Bible….

This week at Poker Affiliate Bible….

One thing that all affiliates need to do when they’re first building a site is determine their target market. I see so many websites out there that contain a few reviews, some youtube videos, random strategy tips and the tournament feed from Tournament Monitor. I’ve asked these affiliates who their target market is, and it’s a generalized “poker players and fans”.

Sorry but that just isn’t going to cut it.

When you create a site you have to look at specific markets and demographics and decide just who exactly you’re going to focus on and believe me it’s a lot more cut and dry than “poker players and fans”. The market includes beginner poker players, intermediate players, advanced players, players who have never played online before, limit hold’em players, no limit hold’em players, omaha hi/lo pot limit players, tournament players, ring game players, US players, Canadian players, Swedish players, bonus whores, freeroll whores just to name a few. You can even break that down to be even more specific for example low buy-in omaha hi/lo tournament players. Concentrating on a specific market is what will really help you succeed in this industry, especially when first starting out.

This week I’m going to be focusing on how to market your website to a specific demographic and target market. On Tuesday I’ll be discussing how to target “freeroll whores” as well as explaining exactly what a “freeroll whore” is; ditto on Wednesday for “bonus whores”; Thursday we’ll be taking a look at tournament players, and how to market to them based on the many, many factors out there. Friday I’m willing to discuss any target market that you’re having problems with, so if there’s a target market you want more interest in how to operate a site aimed towards them, e-mail and request that market.

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