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“Dealer” Premium WordPress Theme Review

In this day and age, it’s so much easier to create a website. With content management systems like WordPress, you can have a website up within minutes and be able to focus on the most important part of a website which is writing content.

Of course you still have to actually design your website. There are plenty of WordPress themes out there, but it can take a lot of work customizing it, and setting it up the way you want.

That’s where Flytonic themes come in.

Flytonic themes provide premium wordpress gambling templates. You may already know of their High Roller theme – it’s a very popular theme that many affiliates use – hell, I even have it on my Casino Signup Bonus site.

The main thing you need to know about Flytonic themes it is more than just another wordpress template – a LOT more. The Flytonic themes are designed specifically for the gambling affiliate, and provide its very own user interface inside the WordPress Admin area, which I will mention shortly.

Flytonic recently released their latest theme, the “Dealer Theme”. This theme will cost you $229, however one lucky Poker Affiliate Bible reader will get this theme for free. That’s right – a $229 theme for free. Information on that is at the end of this article, however I want to write more details about the theme first, so you understand exactly what it is and how powerful it is.

The theme ships with a 26 page manual, which should give an indication as to the complexity of the theme. Yet what is great is just how simple it is to set up and use – the manual is basically there to walk you through it all and hold your hand during the initial setup process.

Installation is just like any other WordPress theme – upload it, go to Appearance->Themes and choose to activate the theme. This is where you get to see the real power of the theme however. First of all in theme options, you get to choose from a variety of options, including how many columns you want, what you want in the byline, a custom logo and your Google Analytics code if you have one:


We’ll go with a 2 column theme, and the navigation bar on the right, as well as showing everything in the byline. Finally I’ll use part of the logo from PAB, and now we have a skeleton site to work with:


Now before we mess around with any parts of the design, we’ll actually add some content. It’s a lot better to have the content there so we know what we are working with. So we want to promote Full Tilt Poker – in the WordPress backend we choose Dealer Theme->Affiliate Sites. We then choose “Poker” and we have a screen where we get to put all the information in about the poker room. Here’s an example:


Other options not shown are Payout Percent, Bonus Code, Room Rating, Room Rank, Clicks, and if US are allowed.

I also created Party Poker, Pokerstars and Doyles Room. So now what if we want to display these in the navigation bar? Well you go to Widgets and there is a Widget already set for you entitled “Site List”. There are also others like “Top Sites Table” and “Site Bonus Table”. Choosing Top Sites Table gives us these options:


And that will end up looking like this:


Or you can do it in various other formats – for example this type of bonus table:


As for the review pages? This is where I really like the Flytonic themes, as they make setting up review pages so easy. You create a new page in WordPress. You select the Template “Review Page”. You add your title, and your content. You hit “Publish”. That’s it, and then the theme does the rest. You focus on writing the content, and the theme handles the design. Here’s the review page:


And honestly – I’ve barely scratched the surface with this theme. There are so many other options, like adding latest post excerpts to any page on wordpress, or adding a specific bonus table to any page you want. Whether it is poker, casino, sportsbook or bingo this theme handles it all. You can even promote all those sites on here. It even has its own banner management system which will display and rotate banners, as well as track clicks internally.

Now I’ll be completely honest – I’m not a fan of the actual overall look of the theme. However that’s what is great about this theme – the code is very clean, and it is so easy to modify the site to your liking. I made changes to the High Roller theme, and my designer repeatedly said how clean the code was, and how easy it was to modify. Furthermore, if you want to do any cosmetic changes, the Dealer theme even allows you to do that within the interface. You can import custom styles, or create your own with a variety of options. Here’s an example:


This is a theme that I highly recommend, simply due to how easy it will make your life. You don’t have to worry about designing every page, tweaking the CSS and so on – this does it for you, allowing you to sit back and just focus on content. If you thought WordPress made life easy – wait until you try this theme.

The customer support is top notch too. You get access to the Flytonic Theme Support forums, where if you have any questions you can post and Tom, the creator of Flytonic themes, will answer promptly. The responses are always within 24 hours, and are all archived there so it is more than likely a question you have will already be answered on the forums.

As mentioned above, this theme goes for $229 however Flytonic have graciously offered one free copy to a PAB reader. The contest couldn’t be simpler – email me. E-mail me with the domain that you would use this theme on. It doesn’t even have to be an active domain. I will pick the domain I think shows the most promise for this theme, and award the winner. Assuming there will be quite a few domains to choose from, I will take the best ones and pick one randomly. If you are concerned about privacy I don’t even need to announce the domain on here – just the person that wins the theme.

This contest will end Saturday, October 31st at 11:59pm EST so be sure to get your entries in soon. You can e-mail me at

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